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Burgis Daruwalla
Principal Designer
Burgis Daruwalla has been respected for his perfection, craft and design by his clients for many years. Besides laying the foundation for Seedle with his wife Jasmine, he has worked with the best brands nationally and internationally. He treats every project as an opportunity for creativity, and uses design for its potential to be explored in any given space. With a lifetime of passion for art and design, he enables Seedle to craft extra-ordinary spaces, thus sculpting a timeless brand.
Jasmine Daruwalla
Managing Director
Jasmine co-founded Seedle and oversees the firm’s project management, finances and operations. With exemplary management capabilities, she has successfully led the organisation and actively motivated the team since its inception. Her experience in managing projects and collaborations across diverse sectors enables Seedle to effectively meet timelines while optimising their financial health and welfare. Jasmine is dedicated to making a positive impact on the team with each passing day to ensure consistent growth of the business
Malcolm Daruwalla
Principal Architect
Malcolm has global exposure in the realm of architectural design, and has global experience, working with reputed brands on unique projects. Having joined the team about a year ago, he has been successfully moulding the brand forward as Seedle. He believes in simple ideas with powerful outcomes. With a passion toward transforming each project into a masterpiece and to accomplish it to its best potential, he is working towards fulfilling his vision for Seedle - to gain global recognition for its design capability.
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