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Burgis Daruwalla
Principal Designer
With his perfection for art and design… in any given space, Burgis enables Seedle Design to craft extra ordinary spaces. Burgis’s career has been defined by challenging the status quo, a personal philosophy he developed during his years: question everything; have confidence in your character; be brave enough to voice what makes sense. These guiding principles have informed his inquisitive, collaborative design approach, which recognizes good ideas and says “Okay, now show me two more,” knowing that the best solutions are often somewhere in between.
Jasmine Daruwalla
Managing Director
If Jasmine had not entered the design profession, she might have been a builder. Her whole life, she’s been fascinated with how individual parts can be assembled to make an even better whole. And yet, that same fascination is what drew her to operations: how can a more efficient workflow lead to the better design and delivery of projects?
Malcolm Daruwalla
Principal Architect
Malcolm spent his formative years in 3 continents - North America, Europe and Asia—that moulded him with a culturally rich experience enabling him to maintain a design philosophy that is open and collaborative. Malcolm always looks for opportunities to get out of his comfort zone, in work and in life. He considers architecture to be a type of puzzle, which he’s always been good at, and is constantly seeking ways to create in a different and better way.
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